does anone haveb a onscripter port for the nintendo wii (3)

1 Name: anonwiimous : d26.01.24 @878.69 .beats ID:3dghtcwX [Del]

not joking check my useragent☆ god i hope this catchpa works now!! this is my 20th try and i had to clear cookies reinstlal hebrew channel clear wads and install ios69 for tyhis to work

2 Name: anonwiimous : d26.01.24 @880.27 .beats ID:3dghtcwX [Del]

we did it kaisernet☆

3 Name: chaoskaiser72 ## KAISER : d28.01.24 @061.19 .beats ID:aebKEX3i [Del]

Doesn't this work? I don't have a Wii to test, and it's very outdated, obviously.

It's neat that this board works on Wii. I loaded up my site on my Dreamcast recently, and none of the CSS worked on the main site, and this board didn't load at all, sadly.

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