this site is cool (4)

1 Name: bill_bronsons : d27.01.24 @148.04 .beats ID:zYcTCJJZ [Del]

how do you even make a site like this? where users and the guy can easily make posts that all just work? i do not comprendo

2 Name: chaoskaiser72 ## KAISER : d28.01.24 @065.43 .beats ID:AvtcNwkq [Del]

Thanks! This board runs on a fork of Kareha, which is a clone of 2channel written in Perl; most boards like this run on PHP. Although it's very easy to make your own website now with services like Neocities, generally for "user-generated" content like our posts, you need the server running scripts on its end, which just about no one allows for free. I've got my whole site running on a cheap VPS, and a friend who's posted here a couple times helped me set it up (I'm not actually good with this stuff)

3 Name: Nameless : d30.01.24 @398.26 .beats ID:82xLiGmX [Del]


4 Name: Nameless : d30.01.24 @398.86 .beats ID:82xLiGmX [Del]

well im not sure now

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