Saya no uta ONscripter port retrieved ? (2)

1 Name: Saki : d30.01.24 @757.98 .beats ID:8Pv5eKsu [Del]

So there's one weird AIO pack on cdromance that features about 40 VNs ported from PC onto PSP with ONscripter, I'm talking about this one (found out about it thanks to Clair looking for games to install on hers, I think Kaiser knows her)... And among those games was, you guessed it, Saya no Uta, right there, in the flesh!

I hurried myself over, extracted the saya no uta folder from the ISO, and threw the latest ONscripter-EN executable in the same spot. The text and the images aren't really centered, the menus are broken (QUIT button doesn't do anything), not the most promising start but still something.

When you launch a new game it displays the text the way it should.

...At least, it's what you'd think if you were to not read any following line, which ends up displaying itself on top of the previous one

Until it ultimately crashes by not finding a certain voicefile

Saving/loading are seemingly supported (not trying the game out too much since I've yet to read it).

If you were to launch the EBOOT from PPSSPP (and maybe from a genuine PSP as well), the game seems to function normally, although menu navigation is broken (pressing on the d-pad sends the cursor into a random direction, if it responds at all)

Although the game itself does not seem to be in any playable state as-is on PC, wouldn't the script originate from that 2008 English port Kaiser mentions on the "Wanted" list ?

2 Name: chaoskaiser72 ## KAISER : d31.01.24 @497.17 .beats ID:si+1E0N/ [Del]

That's crazy, funny place for it to turn up. The ONScripter PSP port was a pretty big thing, I'm sure this VN and others had a convertor run on them.

The English script for this port was always just the regular fan translation; if we were to want to reconstruct Saya for ONScripter we could just insert the English lines into the Russian game. It's a janky port that requires a lot of rewriting to be functional (I've already delved into the script when helping with a French translation that used it). I thought it would be an interesting curiosity to have it on ONS in English, without having to reconstruct it, which is why it was on the Wanted page.

Come to think of it, the English version of the ONS port may have been thrown together just for the sake of porting the game to PSP...

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