Higurashi (2)

1 Name: ABC : d07.02.24 @574.03 .beats ID:AtT2mw+7 [Del]

Hello, how are you doing? Your website is lovely, full of personality and passion!
What is that attracts you in When They Cry?

2 Name: chaoskaiser72 ## KAISER : d16.02.24 @205.99 .beats ID:YoSpspfp [Del]

Thank you for the kind words. I'm doing better than I have in a long time, getting up before sunrise rather than staying up until sunrise; will give me energy to do more than ever before, hopefully.

I can't say I care for WTC as a whole, but Higurashi is very special to me. I grew up in the forested and mountainous southeast US, so its setting is just like home to me, and the concept of a secluded village resisting modernisation makes for more interesting character dynamics than in, say, Umineko. There's a distinct bygone way of life that the village natives live by, and in the slice of life scenes you get to see the group play together mostly innocently without intrusive modern concepts. It's a snapshot of natural living, curious insular culture, and a great opportunity for articulate character writing (which I believe Ryuukishi07 best excels at).
I also adore the music that was in the Question Arcs, which is why I can't stand that people read it without ever knowing it's been completely replaced.

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